Update Your Kindle Tablet In Less Than A Minute

Update Your Kindle Tablet In Less Than A Minute!

Timely updates of Amazon’s Kindle Fire brings the latest features and security patches that enable the user to experience always new. Connecting to a WiFi network, Kindle Fire updates itself automatically. However, the option of a manual update is also available.

Update Your Kindle Tablet In Less Than A Minute

Check The Current Kindle Fire OS Version

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Then, go to “System Update” under “Device options”.
  • Check the current Kindle Fire version.

If it’s already running the latest one, there you’re. But if it’s outdated, read on to know the steps to update Kindle Fire Tablet, automatically or manually.

Steps To Update Kindle Fire Tablet – Auto Mode

  • Connect Kindle Fire with Wifi.
  • Go to “Quick Settings” through the top right corner of a tablet screen.
  • Tap Sync.

That’s it! All the available updates will then automatically start downloading. Once the updates downloaded, it applies and the Kindle Fire drowse by the time.

Steps To Update Kindle Fire Tablet – Manual Update

This pathway requires a computer. Although the method is a bit slow as compared to that of auto mode yet it’s effective. A fully charged Kindle Fire battery is advisable in the process.

  • Go to Amazon’s official software update website. 
  • Click the ‘Kindle Fire’ device to update.
  • Upon redirecting to the new page, click the update button.
  • Connect Kindle Fire with the computer.
  • Open the folder – “kindleupdates”.
  • Copy paste the downloaded software update in “kindleupdates” folder.
  • Now, disconnect the Kindle Fire tablet from the computer.
  • Go to “Quick settings” in Kindle Fire found under “Device” settings.
  • Tap “Update Your Kindle”.
  • The device reboots to apply the update.

If the option – “Update Your Kindle” is grayed out, either it’s up-to-date beforehand or the downloaded update is not properly transferred to Kindle Fire. If the former is the case, you’re all set but in the latter case, the process has to be done all over again.


Tech gadgets need often update to bring the new flavors of technology and keep the pace with it. An outdated gadget is useless. Kindle Fire tablet is one such tech gadget for which updates are equally important. Amazon is pleased to release timely updates for its users in order to always provides the latest.

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