Here’s How One can Effectively Uninstall Xbox One Games

Playing latest games on Xbox is something all Xbox users desire for. It is possible only after removing some already installed games in case the hard drive is jam-packed with games. We all know, that uninstalling a game from Xbox means losing all the data and updates installed in it. Some effective methods to preserve some crucial files is either by transferring them to external hard drive or syncing with cloud storage.

 Uninstall Xbox One Games

Despite the availability of 500GB and 1TB variant, Xbox users regularly come across with storage issues which forces them to uninstall certain games. If you don’t have any other option instead of uninstalling the game, then it would be better to connect the Xbox with internet and store all the data in cloud storage after login Xbox live.

Once done, it becomes easy to uninstall and reinstall any games from Xbox which every Xbox user can do with the help of simple methods as listed below.

Simple Steps to Uninstall Xbox One Games

  • Switch on the Xbox One with the help of the power button.
  • Now hit the“Xbox button” which you’ll find on “controller”.
  • From the menu, opt for “My games & apps” after scrolling a bit.
  • To select “my games & apps” press the “A” button.
  • Now use “d-pad” to highlight the selected game.
  • Press “right button” on the d-pad.
  • Select the game you want to delete with the help of d-pad.
  • Now press hamburger or three lines icon on the controller.
  • Select the option “manage game” through d-pad.
  • Now press “A” button which opens the “game management screen”.
  • Go to the option “uninstall all” with the help of d-pad.
  • Tap on “A” button so that the game could be uninstalled.
  • Again select the option “uninstall all” through d-pad.
  • To confirm the uninstallation press “A” button again.

In case, Xbox users want to reinstall the deleted game in their Xbox console, then they can simply complete the process with the help of steps as mentioned below.

  • Just open “My games & apps” again.
  • Choose “ready to install” option with the help of the controller.
  • Select the game which you want to reinstall in Xbox one.
  • Select “install” to start the process of installation.


By the way, Xbox one comes with sufficient internal storage and with an option to connect the external drive as well, but some games can take up to 50GB of space at a time while users install them. It is necessary to uninstall some games first if you’re eager to play some newly released games on the Xbox One gaming console. Installing a game in Xbox one can take up to hours and the same while reinstalling them. So first finalize the decision before removing any game from the Xbox to save yourself from any inconvenience.

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