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Limetorrents is a complete package of diversified Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Books, Music, Videos, etc. With the mega collection of genres, Limetorrent stands as one of the most searched torrents sites worldwide. Providing a wide catalog of Hollywood movies and regional collection of the Limetorrents Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu Movies 2019, it is an ultimate source of entertainment with an easy download feature in HD graphics resolution.

LimeTorrents Movies Torrent

With so much to explore, Alexa ranks Limetorrent website at 421,633 in Global Internet Engagement with the considerable hike of traffic in India, as per other Analytics Sites including ‘Similar Web’. Limetorrents search engine, unlike other sites, doesn’t save the data of its own and transfers the information from one system to another acting as a channel. The data is nowhere misdirecting for the viewers with no inappropriate data sharing allowance, makes it a family-friendly site.

The simple layout is the strongest suite of the site. Users can straight head toward the search bar and type the initials of the content they want to download, else, it is also quick to search navigating through various available genres sorted as Movies, Shows, Applications, Anime, Games, etc. After selecting the one you want to download, you can see available torrent links with the relevant details of File size, Number of seed, leech, etc. You can also tour the default catalogs of top torrent sites, upload more torrent links and get to the new website features.

Launched in 2009, Limetorrents website faced numerous defames and claims of sharing illegal and pirated content within the servers. IFPI and Lionsgate, the international music and entertainment brands accused the site to leak their music and the highly earned film ‘Expendables 3’ without any authority and permissions. Many other charges against the site result in permanent shut of it in many countries including India, the US, UK, Australia, Europe, etc.

But still serving through indirect means, users can find many Limetorrents proxy portals on the web, developed just like its original interface Some of the well known Limetorrents 2019 Proxy sites are, Limetorrents unblocked,,, etc.

With the growing evolution of the digital era, such portals find various ways to continue with their services to the users and Limetorrents is no way lacking. Users can find many other portals that link them directly to the site. But keeping safety with such proxies, don’t forget to get the Antivirus and other malware trackers shielding you from the bunch of trojans it might bring to your system.

Enjoy your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games and what not with Limetorrents Download anytime anywhere and hook up yourself with the unlimited dose of entertainment, straight on your palms.