Know The Best Way To Activate The Car View In Spotify On Android

Know The Best Way To Activate The Car View In Spotify On Android

To unleash music everywhere, Spotify – a treasure of all rare and hit songs, has added ‘Car view’ mode to enjoy listening to your favorite tracks without taking eyes off the road. Enabling Spotify in any car is easy through Android setup, however, if you’re driving latest model, it’s even simpler.

Know The Best Way To Activate The Car View In Spotify On Android

Requirements- USB Or AUX Cable

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Android (Lollipop) version 5.0 or later.

Connect The Spotify Android App And Car – Here’s How

There’re 2 best possible ways to connect car and Spotify application. Both are simple, easy and mostly available.

Using Cable 

With the help of USB or AUX cable, Android phone and car’s audio system can be connected easily.

Connect Via Bluetooth 

Nothing could be better than Bluetooth connectivity. It’s an ultimate way to connect Android app of Spotify in the car, provided the car has Bluetooth connectivity.

Turn On The ‘Car view’ Mode

  • Download and install Spotify on Android smartphone.
  • Log in the App.
  • Go to ‘Your library’ > ‘Settings’.
  • Look for ‘Car section’.
  • Tap it.
  • Slide on the ‘Car view’ bar to enable it.


For listening to music, there’s no particular time or place. Spotify, which is the most popular music streaming application, can play thousands of songs on the way in your car. As seen above, activating ‘Car view’ in the Spotify app is facile. If, in any case, it’s not working for you, write us the detail query.

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