How To Fix Download Pending Issue In Google Play Store

How To Fix Download Pending Issue In Google Play Store

Google Play Store is a treasure trove of amazing Android apps to download free and paid apps in a snap but sometimes ‘Download Pending…’ issue is pesky especially when the app is required in a jiff. There could be many reasons for that. Let’s get to know some prominent causes along with the remedies to get rid of “Pending issues on Google Play Store” –

How To Fix Download Pending Issue In Google Play Store

Wifi Or Data connection Lost

A stable internet connection is a matter of luck. The Internet can’t be ubiquitous hence connection lost is possible. If that’s the reason behind ‘Download Pending…’ issue, toggling off and on Wifi button or reconnecting mobile data could be a good workaround. Also enabling and then disabling Airplane mode also works often to mitigate this issue.

If Using VPN, Disable It

Many of the users take help of VPN for web security and to access geo-restricted sites. It might be possible that due to changes in Google’s policy, VPN becomes a constraint in downloading Apps. Try it again once you disable the VPN.

Memory Clutter

The misbehavior of Google Play Store could be the result of memory clutter on an Android device. The best practice in such a case is to clear the cache memory. To do that, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’ > ‘Google Play Store’. Force stop the app and delete all the cache. Go back to Google Play Store and start it all over again.

Bad Timing

Conflicting mobile date and time can also be deprived of the apps. Usually, Android smartphones are featured with adjusting date and time automatically through GPS however this system sometimes can be disturbed. Verify if the device’s date and time is correct to get out of the pain of ‘Download pending…’ issue. To change the date and time, go to ‘Settings’ of an Android phone and toggle off ‘Automatic date & time’ to set it manually.

Switch The Account

If nothing works, the last resort is to try downloading the app through signing in with different Google Account. If it works, it can be understood that there is some issue with app settings and permissions. It’s good to synchronize all the contacts and other apps with the newly added account.

Wrap Up

Android, Internet and mobile technology altogether have spoiled our patience level. In such a case, it’s really frustrating to see the ‘Download pending…’ error on the screen for long. Try out one or all of the above workarounds to see if it works. If still not, write the exact issue along with the screenshot in the comments thread. We’ll get back to you soon.

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