How One Can Customize Android Lock Screen

How One Can Customize Android Lock Screen

Customizing phone lock screen makes sense as it’s used n number of times a day. And it’s a piece of cake with such an open-ended OS like Android. With great security, needless to say, it’s capable of providing a fun display with plenty of information. It’s therefore effortless to customize Android lock screen through third-party apps together with some built-in customization features. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of Android lock screen customization.

Here’s How One Can Customize Your Android Lock Screen

How One Can Customize Android Lock Screen

Choose The Best Lock

Go to “Security settings” of an Android phone to set the most secure lock on the screen. All Android phones are featured with PIN, password and pattern lock. In the case of pattern lock, users can choose to show or not to show the pattern drawing while unlocking the phone. This ensures high privacy, especially in public. In its latest OS version, Android comes with biometric locks such as Iris scanning, fingerprint sensors and face recognition to keep the nosey ones stay away from snooping into the phone.

Choose The Content To Show On The Lock Screen

Android facilitates its owner to make a choice that which app shortcuts to use on the lock screen, Say left shortcut for ‘Phone’ and right shortcut for ‘Camera’. This can be changed as per user preference. Also, if one enables the option of that of the dual clock shows both local as well as home time zones when in roaming. To change these settings, simply go to “Lock Screen and Security” settings.

Decide What Notifications To Show On Lock Screen

  • Go to “Lock Screen and Security” settings.
  • Tap on “Notifications on Lock Screen”.
  • Under the “Content on lock screen” option, anyone out of the three options has to select theirs.
  • The three options are  – ‘Show Content’, ‘Hide content’ and ‘Do no show notifications’.
  • It’s also customizable to show notifications from which apps.
  • To get the notifications from all the app, toggle on ‘All apps’.

People usually go with ‘Hide content’ wherein the phone shows the new notifications but not its details. In the rest of the options, it’ll show either all the details or not at all.

Enable ‘Find My Device’ to Remotely Lock Your Phone

Turning on ‘Find My Device’, is a clever step. Using this feature, an Android phone can be locked and tracked from any remote location provided GPS is on in the phone. This’s of great help if the phone is lost or stolen. The feature is also useful to ring up the phone if it’s misplaced.

Other Security Settings

Besides above, there’re many micro security settings such as those for security updates and credential storage to ensure greater privacy of an Android user. Let’s take a glance to it one by one.

  • SIM Card lock Settings –

This enables an Android user to lock the SIM Card. It requires a SIM card PIN to unlock and use the SIM card in any other device.

  • Make Passwords Visible –

This shows the password characters briefly as the user types them. This’s to ensure that the user has entered the correct password and avoid typing wrong passwords.

  • Security Policy Update –

Increase the security of the device by updating the security policy. It does properly check for updates as well as download them. Enabling the ‘Auto Update’ feature, updates will be checked automatically.

Use Third Party Apps

Although Android stock security features are enough to customize lock screen but to add double security layer, there are ample of Android third-party apps for this purpose. Some of the widely used apps are Solo Locker, GO Locker and AppLock. Besides providing robust security traits, these apps include widgets, customized themes, and wallpapers too.


Security is of utmost importance but it’s quite inconvenient to unlock the phone every time even to check the quick notifications. Android offers great customization to take away the miserability of unlocking the phone each time to access the routine functions. There are a lot of things that Android users can do right from the lock screen as it has been discussed above. Hope it helps and adds ease in operating Android phones.

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