Effective Way To Track Your iPhone With The Help Of An Android Phone

Effective Way To Track Your iPhone With The Help Of An Android Phone

Tracking iPhone is nothing new, as there are enough sources, but doing it through Android is. iOS and Android seem the two banks of a river yet technology is kind enough to find a middle way to track an iPhone from Android. Although it’s little ticklish and also technical yet it helps eventually to spy on iPhones from Android. Read here how.

Effective Way To Track Your iPhone With The Help Of An Android Phone

Catch iPhone With The Help Of Android

To do this, FoneMonitor is the way. It’s an online tool to remotely monitor the activities of any iPhone. It works great and is reliable. It tracks data, call logs, web history and much more about the targeted iPhone. The best part is, no jailbreak or rooting is required. It’s used from the web browser and hence no need to install any application on any of the devices. All it needs, an active internet connection on both the iPhone and Android. Rest is directed below –

  • Visit the official webpage of FoneMonitor.
  • Click “Try it now” written in a yellow box.
  • Now simply create an account.
  • Enter the required details and sign up.
  • Sign in to feed the information of an iPhone to track.
  • Provide the needed info.
  • Next, verify the iCloud ID of the target iPhone.
  • Enter the correct password.
  • Click “Verify”.
  • Once iCloud verified, get started with spying data and activity of an iPhone.

All the data will be updated timely. Manual update option is also available. Indeed, FoneMonitor works awesome but it fails to update the data if target iPhone shut down or disconnected with the internet. For more convenience, the app is expected soon.


Be it concern parents or a team manager, above mentioned walk-through definitely helps provided the target iPhone user must be logged into iCloud services. Besides, that internet should be connected all the time. FoneMonitor is highly compatible with any web browser and device and resolves the purpose.

Shawn is a staff writer for ‘Geeked.io’, covering all on the emerging technology. He also serves as Sr. App developer at Fast Enterprises based out CO, U.S.A. He can’t live without his phone & insanely love his pets, Kato!

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