Best Way For Adding Gaming Console To DMZ In BT Home Hub & Smart Hub

Best Way For Adding Gaming Console To DMZ In BT Home Hub And Smart Hub

Nowadays, the games on your console are not restricted to single player campaigns with a linear story mode. Today, games also require networking, which allows your gaming console to connect to any player in the world and participate in the game with you.

Best Way For Adding Gaming Console To DMZ In BT Home Hub & Smart Hub

Networking Speeds – An Issue

If you are console gamer then you may have come across issues where your network speeds were not high enough to endure smooth gameplay. So, you have a BT home hub or a Smart Hub, it allows you to place within the DMZ of your hub and allow for smooth gaming. But firstly, we shall begin from what is the DMZ and how to configure it.

What’s  ‘DMZ’?

DMZ stands for De-militarized zone. Before delving on what is the DMZ, you should know that your BT router has several ports. These ports are designed to restrict access to your network. These are equipped with firewalls, which restrict access to other devices based on its own judgments. But you should know that the judgment by the router is not always correct and it can result in restricting access to your gaming console; hence, having a huge toll on the gaming performance.

So, to counter any intermittent connections, you can add your console to the DMZ to make sure that any of these restrictions do not apply to your console.  DMZ actually perform this by granting device its own IP address so that there are no restrictions apply. This ensures that all the traffic moves to the console and you do not experience any bad connections.

It helps in improving your ping rates, which is the time taken by packets of data to travel from and to your computer. This is very instrumental when it comes to online gaming. Further, it also helps to improve network speed by bypassing the Network Address Translation (NAT).

How One Can Switch On  DMZ On That Of BT Home HUB

  1.     You need to sign into the admin screen and then head to the “Advance Settings”.
  2.     Click on the tab, which says “Firewall”, and then clicks on “DMZ”.
  3.     It will give you the option to turn the DMZ on or off. It will also allow you to select the single device, which the DMZ will apply to.

How One Can Switch On  DMZ On That Of BT Smart HUB

  1.     The process is quite similar as BT Home Hub and all you require is to sign into that of admin screen and then move to the Advance Settings.
  2.     Hit on the Firewall tab and opt for the Configuration tab.
  3.     Scroll to the bottom till you stumble the section called “DMZ”.
  4.     Now, turn the DMZ to “ON” and select the one device you wish the DMZ to apply to.


But the user shall be mindful as the connection to the DMZ can have some security risks. As the device does not go through a Network Address Translator, it sometimes increases the susceptibility of the device to any network attacks.

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