Android Guest Mode - Keep Your Kids Stay Away From Your Important Phone Stuff!

Android Guest Mode – Keep Your Kids Stay Away From Your Important Phone Stuff!

Kids are no longer oblivious of smartphones. It’s their wondrously technical toy for playing games, watching cartoons or probably checking out the latest nappy fashions. For busy mothers, nothing could be as effective as smartphones to keep their kids engaged for hours but sometimes it could be creepy if kids, click and tap out of their area of interest. Thanks to Android that it got a fabulous parent-friendly feature – ‘Guest Mode’.

Android Guest Mode - Keep Your Kids Stay Away From Your Important Phone Stuff!

Guest Mode is the native Android feature that limits unauthorized access to smartphones. With Guest Mode enabled, people can only be able to access what they’re allowed to.

It’s not just a kids-only feature but for all the nosey ones out there who’re interested in your private messages, contacts, emails, Facebook and gallery. It’s of great help to keep the prying eyes out of focus. Let us show you how –

How Does Guest Mode work?

Guest Mode is basically designed for providing privacy to Android users. At the moment, the feature is facilitated only on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) version and later. Enabling ‘Guest Mode’ allows users to create a general profile with limited access to phone functions. The profile so created works in isolation with that of the personal profile of the users to avoid any fuss. For more convenience, multiple ‘Guest Mode’ profiles can be created so as to assign customized access to each of the outside user.

How To Enable Guest Mode?

  • First of all swipe down ‘Notifications’ on that of the home screen.
  • On the top right corner, hit on the ‘Profile’ icon.
  • Out of the three options viz., Google Sign in, Add guest and Add User, go with ‘Add guest’ option.
  • Create the guest profile and finish the setup process.
  • The newly created guest profile would then appear on the notification bar on the home screen.
  • Simply switch between the ‘Guest’ and ‘Personal’ profile as and when needed.

Wrap Up

Kids are angels but they seem not less than demons when the little cutie pies accidentally or unknowingly, delete photos & memories, important emails or give a call to someone. ‘Guest Mode’ is, therefore, an amazing Android privacy feature that helps to keep everything sorted. It’s easy to set up and switch between the profiles on-demand.

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